Entrance of Art univesity

Art has always been used to make the world a better place for all humanity and throughout the history, it has emerged in various ways and continues its life like a living creature. It owes its life to humankind The presented project was designed as the entrance of an art university where many artists, art students and simultaneously, citizens and passersby with different perspectives come in contact with As art is timeless and it never dies, we considered this project as a dynamic work of art which is alive. This way, the entire volume and all its elements are designed based on human
proportions The constructive elements which are movable make the project an
interactive design. The visitors are able to move parts and change the shape of the entrance daily In addition to being an entrance, the project can be used as an exhibition for artworks or even urban panels and billboards for events and ceremonies announcements, installing them on the squared elements and rotating the parts, too. So it is in a close relationship with the city, people and the environment.